Eighty percent of your child’s learning is based on what he or she sees, but good eyesight is only part of it. The brain and eyes must work together for effective learning.

Effective vision is a combination of how the eyes work, how they move as a team, how they coordinate with the hands, and how quickly they focus at changing distances. Vision problems are often at the root of what appears to be a more serious learning difficulty. Our team addresses everything from poor reading comprehension to lazy eyes, ensuring your child’s vision is in good hands. 

Poor vision in children can lead to a number of problems now and later in life. These issues include: 

     Misdiagnosis of a learning disability or ADD/ADHD

     Poor self-esteem

     Fatigue, frustration, and irritability


     Short attention span

     Poor grades

If your child is experiencing any of the signs that signal vision problems, we can help. Our Vision Therapy Team can provide a visual efficiency exam and diagnostic tests to properly identify the problem your child is experiencing, ensuring our treatment plan matches their needs. 

Child Struggling with Work

help your child succeed in school and in life

If your child is experiencing any of the below issues, they may have a visual problem.

     Avoids or struggles with reading?

     Skip words or lines when reading?

     Takes longer than expected to complete homework?

     Reads slowly?

     Has poor reading comprehension?

     Experiences fatigue with near work?

     Reverses letters and/or numbers?

    Has trouble focusing?

   Experiencing Double Vision?

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