Specialized vision therapy for adults

Improve your ability to perform at work or school when you rely on our Vision Therapy Team.  We provide vision therapy for adults, finding success in relieving everything from eye strain and blurred vision to double vision and poor eye tracking. Because we actually see with our brains, it’s imperative that the connection between our eyes and brain are operating correctly. Our team provides vision therapy that strengthens this connection. 

It takes more than 15 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, computer work, and life. Good vision is a combination of how the eyes work, how they move as a team, how they coordinate with the hands, and how quickly they focus. Vision therapy is very successful for adults as they are usually highly motivated to improve their visual abilities and therefore improve their quality of life.

Adult Struggling with Work

boost productivity and reduce stress

If you are experiencing any of the below vision problems, we can help. Our vision therapy team will work with you to strengthen the connection between your eyes and your brain, improving every aspect of your life.  

     Eye strain/fatigue or eye pain

     Double vision


     Difficulty keeping place with near work

     Poor reading comprehension

     Slow reading rate

     Shortened attention span or difficulty focusing

     Blurred vision

     Difficulty completing tasks at work

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