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rehab your vision after a traumatic brain injury

Start to rehab your vision after a traumatic brain injury when you visit our office. About 80 percent of injuries involving the brain result in vision problems, and they are often overlooked by the traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation team. Neurological events such as strokes can also lead to vision impairment.

Those who have suffered a brain-related injury or event should watch for the symptoms listed on this page. Anyone experiencing any of the symptoms should request a vision rehabilitation evaluation to determine if vision therapy for traumatic brain injury is a proper treatment option.

minimize symptoms by addressing the root cause of the problem

Signs of vision impairment after a traumatic brain injury or post concussion syndrome include:

     Light sensitivity

     Eye aches

     Nausea with visual movement

     Double vision


     Difficulty with memory

     Blurred vision

     Difficulty being in busy or visually stimulating places

     Poor balance or coordination

     Difficulty putting thoughts into words

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, our Vision Therapy Team can help. We will retrain your brain and eyes to work together, improving focus, tracking, and eye coordination as well as overall vision. 

For more information about vision impairment caused by traumatic brain injury and to schedule your consultation, call us today at (608) 788-5380.