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vision therapy for all ages

Improve your vision and performance at work or school with the help of the experts at Vision Therapy Academy. We work with adults and children of all ages to improve your vision by enhancing the connection between your brain and your eyes, the root cause of many visual problems. Whether you suffer from double vision, blurred vision, poor eye tracking, or poor reading skills, we can help. 

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Traumatic Brain Injury Vision Therapy

Experiencing vision problems after a traumatic brain injury or post concussion is not only common, but highly likely. Our vision therapy team will work with you to rehab your vision. 

vision therapy for children

Identifying vision problems in children is crucial to their development, in and out of school. If you suspect your child has a reading problem or a learning disability such as ADD or ADHD, bring them here for a vision test before treating them for a disorder they may not have.

vision therapy for adults

Boost performance at work and eliminate eye strain and fatigue with the help of our vision therapy experts. Many adults may not realize they have vision problems, but we can help!
Child Going Through Vision Therapy

enhance reading comprehension and eliminate vision problems

At Vision Therapy Academy, we train the eyes and the brain to work together. When they’re not, a number of problems can arise. It isn’t always about seeing well, but can also be about focusing, eye coordination, and tracking. It takes 15 different visual skills to get information from your eyes to your brain.

Optometric vision therapy is physical therapy for the eyes and brain. Since we actually see with our brain, it’s important that the eyes and brain work together to improve focus, eye teaming, and tracking. Vision therapy helps people develop the skills to maximize communication between the eyes and brain.

For more information regarding vision impairment caused by trauma, call us today at (608) 788-5380.


how vision therapy works

Vision therapy begins with an evaluation, not just for eyesight, but for tracking, eye teaming, focusing and coordination. 

If a vision therapy evaluation reveals a vision problem, Dr. Wonderling devises a custom treatment plan. This could include 18 to 45 in-office therapy sessions, plus home therapy. A commitment to the treatment plan is critical to the success of the therapy. Progress is measured several times during therapy and adjustments are made as needed.

visual efficiency exam / developmental vision exam

This initial exam is a detailed vision analysis to determine the extent of a vision problem as well as how much vision is contributing to the problems with reading, sports, and other activities. This session also includes forming an individualized treatment plan and preparing a comprehensive report. The exam usually takes 2-2.5 hours depending on age, problem, and ability.

individual vision therapy sessions

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes with a vision therapist and occur one to three times per week.

vision therapy progress check

This is completed by Dr. Wonderling to measure the effects of therapy. Therapy sessions will then be adjusted to emphasize the areas of the visual system that need the most attention. Most patients will have 3 progress checks through out the program.

Ann Wonderling

Meet Dr. Ann Wonderling, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Ann Wonderling, owner of Family Vision Center and Vision Therapy Academy, is one of only four optometrists in the state of Wisconsin to complete a residency in vision therapy and pediatric optometry, and one of only seven optometrists in Wisconsin to be a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Other professional achievements include:

  • President of the Wisconsin Optometric Association (2019)
  • Vice-president of the Wisconsin Optometric Association (2017)
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry
  • Wisconsin Young Optometrist of the Year (2007)
  • Boyd Eskridge Clinical Excellence Award, University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)
  • Doctorate of Optometry, UAB, 2003
  • Pediatric resident, UAB, 2003-2004
  • Bachelor of Science-University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

In addition, Dr. Wonderling has volunteered her time and professional services for Special Olympics, the Cahaba Valley Health Initiative and Camp Seale Harris for children with diabetes. As part of Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity (VOSH), she has made mission trips to Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and the Dominican Republic. She is also a provider for the InfantSee program and Vision USA in Wisconsin.